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Is Marijuana Delivery Legal?

Yes it is. All you need to do is call and the advisor can tell you what to do so you can order your marijuana legally. Right now, the rules are in flux and it’s a mess. San Diego city authorities are currently making new rules that may take place by next year to accommodate the legalization of recreational marijuana. Nothing has yet been finalized.

However, as a buyer of medical marijuana you’re entirely safe from any potential legal hassles. It’s all legal for you. No policed officer will bother you in a city that overwhelmingly passed Proposition 64, which made recreational marijuana legal. While county officials have banned new dispensaries and have required current dispensaries to close down by 2020, the city of San Diego is an exemption.

In fact, marijuana delivery services are much safer to avail from a legal standpoint. Brick and mortar dispensaries are lightning rods that attract the notice of conservative types who don’t appreciate the various promotional banners that their kids may see. With delivery services, no one’s complaining because it’s all very discreet.

The advisor can guide you on what to do specifically.

In general, you will need to pick the type of marijuana you want based on what’s available on the website.

However, not all marijuana strains are the same. It’s not just about different tastes and effects either. Some strains may prove to be better for some certain medical conditions. So you may have a set of strain options for your insomnia, and another set of options if you have PTSD or arthritis. Other strains may also be better at dispelling nausea and stimulating the appetite.

So one good way of getting the right strain is to tell the person on the phone what you need the medical marijuana for. They can then advise you on which strains are best for your condition, preferences, and budget.

What are the best tips for using San Diego Marijuana Delivery?

If you’re a customer, then you also have some responsibilities to take care of so that the transaction goes smoothly.

  • Call from your home, and if possible, use your landline. This will help establish your number and identity.
  • Identify yourself and then comply with the rules set forth by the person you talk to over the phone. There will usually be some rules regarding how you can get a doctor’s prescription. You have to buy at least the minimum amount needed for a delivery.
  • If possible, provide some information regarding what you want the marijuana for. This can help the advisor recommend certain strains of marijuana that are the most effective for your medical condition.
  • It’s best if you refer to the product as either marijuana or cannabis. It just sounds more professional than using slang terms.
  • When you take delivery, make sure that you’re in a private place in your home, where there are no other people besides you. It’s especially best that there are no children around either. Also, to speed up the transaction, make sure you give the exact amount to the delivery person. This is generally a cash-only transaction. Get your ID ready, such as your driver’s license or your passport.

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